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Just In All Stories: Bradley phoned Jake and then he went to take a bath and then he went to his room to dress himself, after a while he was ready and his father take him to Jake's home. This is not a real story, it's just a fanfiction Bradley and Jake have become very good friend, Jake is going to have a party, everything will happen at his home. Ok, you will do it first - said Jake putting his legs on Bradley's shoulders Bradley started jacking off until his penis was erect, then he began to touch Jake's anus with his middle finger and then his thrust it inside and it felt very warm, Jake was enjoying that, then Bradley spread his hole, it was small and pink and had few hair for Jake was older than Bradley and a 16 year old teenager, then Bradley thrust his dick into his friend's hole very carefully, Jake didn't scream but he bid, Bradley was fucking him softly at the beginning but then he started harder and harder, Jake was very happy and enjoyed that until the end, when Bradley finished he rimmed Jake sucking all the semen from his anus and then kissed Jake on the lips. Next morning he woke up and went to the kitchen to have his breakfast, his uncle from his father's side was in the hospital so they had to go and look after him Bradley could you spend the night at Jake's home, we have to go to the hospital — said his father Yeah! The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Maybe you are right- said Bradley Then Jake took off his pants though Bradley was there, he was wearing white boxer briefs, then he put on his pyjama and climbed into his bed, then Bradley when to the bathroom to brush his teeth, when he returned Jake on his bed. Would you like to play videogames?


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