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The most famous, and one of the earliest depictions of the topic was the semi-autobiographical novel Venus in Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. Latex fetishism includes wearing clothing made from latex, observing it worn by others, and enjoyment of erotic fantasies featuring latex garments, catsuits, hoods, divers or industrial protective clothing. Another reason is that nylon-spandex fabric preferred by many spandex fetishists is often produced with a very smooth and silk-like finish, which lends a tactile dimension to the fetish — as well as a visual one. Stocking fetishists usually find sexual partners clothed in sheer nylon or silk stockings to be sexually stimulating, or find the act of a person donning or removing a pair of stockings arousing. Varieties of latex fetishism include body inflation and attraction to transparent rubber. For example, this could describe an individual who is attracted to people wearing masculine-associated clothing items, like basketball shorts or a man's suit. The pony fetish involves the use of equestrian like gear fitted to humans. Such restrictive fashion, among others, includes corsetscollarsand hobble skirts. A hobble skirt is a long, tight skirt, extending below the knees and often ankle length, which is so tight that it is difficult to walk in.


do you have the scene right before this one comes on


not exactly #metoo compliant


Wow what did jynx say about doing the scene?

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